Evercross, The New Name For The International Market Phones

PT. Aries Global Indo, as the brand holder Mobilephone Cross since September 20th and start using the new name of the Cross became Evercross, this name change was announced through the event entitled X-Morphosis, is the beginning of a change of name brand Cross towards the competitive arena of international mobile.

Evercross carries the tag line “GO International” in the show X-Morphosis, the tag line would be a vision of encouragement to fight in the arena of global mobile phone brand that has mastered such as Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Sony and others.

“We do not want just big in the national market. But shall have the spirit of the nation that is able and willing to compete in the international market, “said Janto Djojo, Chief Marketing Officer Evercoss.

Cross-branded phones that are still circulating in the market is guaranteed by PT Indo Global Aries to still get service as good as the brand Evercoss phone. Thus the mobile users with brand Cross does not need to worry. Substitution brand solely for the benefit and greater customer satisfaction.

To support the spirit of “Go Onternasional”, PT Indo Aries Global reportedly is building the first mobile phone manufacturer in the country, covering an area of ??8 hectares factory located in Semarang, Central Java. (image from liputan6.com)

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